Are Arts Meme or Are Memes Art?

Art oh I mean memes are a way of expressing ourselves in various ways. Wana open up to someone?  Drop an art, oh I mean a meme.

This piece of art is so powerful and is created by my favorite Lego artist Nathan Sawaya. It is his art that inspired me to make a meme out of it. For me, it expresses oneself to their loved ones that there are no grudges, ill feelings in the heart for them, or that I’m letting out, venting or sharing my feelings with them.


Art, any piece of art could be converted into a meme. I would like to call memes digital arts without copy rights because literally anyone’s picture, art or anything could be made a meme out of. So to answer the question, I believe memes are digital arts and a creative way of expressing ourselves facilitated by art itself.



I am glad that I will get to create my own memes in this course and it will not be like those boring classes where all you do is read and write boring stuff rather I will get to express parts of my personality because….






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