I’m a little late but ill catch up hopefully.

Hi I am Sana, a psychology major senior. I came back from a one month “family vacation” trip from my country Pakistan, which means that I didn’t have any form of access to the internet what so ever… yea I know no wifi for a MONTH.

In all seriousness, what I love about the internet in general is how it keeps the whole world connected. If not in seconds we get to hear about what’s going on thousands of miles away from us in minutes. Its the internet that makes it slightly easier for us to live thousands of miles away from our loved ones. Moreover how the internet is used as a tool/platform to help those in need by rasing awareness about them.




Thats all, thanks for your time 🙂




    1. Hi Sana, thank you for bringing that. My deep prayers and condolences for Syria and China. I always wish that if I could do little more then prayers.

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