Digital Story Telling: So Far So Good

I didn’t really know what Digital Story telling was going to be like. I was going to take portrait documentary but my friend Olivia was like NAH this is more your speed Morg.

We all introduce ourselves and I’m just like Hi, my name is Morganne I’m a Photographer and a Senior.

One of the many things that stood out to me from the Seslow intro was him telling us to take care of our meat suit. I take care of my meat suit already but what was said certainly made me more conscious of my suit.

So anyways we continue to talk about how we are one of 7.5 billion people on this earth and we should take initiative to execute our passion. Not exactly said like that but thats what I got from it. Inspirational but it made me realize my position on earth.

We continue to talk about all the fun things that we are going to create in Digital Story Telling and how much fun we are going to have creating animations and expressing ourselves.

I was nervous to learn that we had to create a domain name because I already had one but I never acted on it. So now the reality is front me again and I can’t run from it. I’m ready to take this on again fully… I think.

So we continue to learn much more about Seslow and his accolades and I’m just like wow my professor is so cool. I’m excited to learn more and I think that my class had the same reaction too.

Then he drops a bomb guys, you guys know the bomb “I’m deaf” and at this point the whole class is locked in and we had so many questions. Well at least I did.

So we’re all like “do tell”.

Needless to say I am pretty excited about this course. I am so excited for Seslow to be my professor. I think this is a great opportunity for all of us. As an artist I am ready to push my limits in different mediums. I think what I’m going to create in this class is going to be great.

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