CT 101 Assignment #2 – Reaction GIF

When I first enrolled for CT101, I did not know what to expect,

I was nervous to see what my professor would be like

Because I had a bad experience with some really old professors the previous semester (No offense to the old folks but it was the first time I realized that you CAN be too old to teach)

I was also hesitant to take the course because I AM NOT a morning person.

But since I am minoring in CT it was a required class so i was like

And walked in the first day looking like

and given how socially awkward I am, walking into class felt like

But then our professor began by introducing himself. And when i say introduce himself, i mean opening up to us like

But I mean that in the most respectful, and complementary way possible. It really set the mood of what kind of environment the class was. A place where students can express themselves unapologetically, and not be afraid of telling the world who they are, and what they think.

not to mention the professor is also a DOPE digital artist with over a billion views on GIPHY.com


Overall I am pretty exited to see what this class can help me to achieve, and find inspiration in for my own art, website and music.


  1. Very nice! I was pretty nervous too when i enrolled for the course as I am pretty socially awkward too. I really liked the kermit gif you used at the beginning to express how nervous you are as I am a big fan of kermit.

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