Assignment #3 Art? or not?

I think its a good thing that memes are here to stay because it helps people express our feelings.

I think memes are great for communictaion it helps people express themselves in funny ways and not be offensive or hurtful.

i think memes are a way to express ones feelings beacuse it uses art and words to transfer ones feelings to another peer who is viewing the image.

here is a meme made by me about the CT101 class my feelings are mixed because i don’t know if its art or computer class lol.



  1. I like your memes and the statements that you stated on how memes are great for expressing one’s feelings. Because, I actually had the same thoughts.

  2. I believe that the Mona Lisa picture said so much about the topic. I absolutely loved that idea. It’s amazing how so much could be said just through memes, pics and GIFs these days and that’s one of the reasons why I love this class so much.

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