Assignment 2 Reaction Gif

Before even getting to class, I already had the mentality that I did not want to go. Add that with the fact that even though I’m a sophomore, I still don’t know where half the rooms are here and still get lost. 

This was my genuine reaction when I first heard the professor speak. This was all new to me and it seemed like it would be a challenge.

Honestly, the reason I had this reaction is that I didn’t eat breakfast and was getting really hungry.

The class didn’t seem bad so far and I thought maybe this is a good time to take notes for the first assignment.

The teacher was enthusiastic and the class honestly seemed like it would be really fun. I had my doubts, but he was telling us stories and I liked that.

I was ready to tackle this class now. I was understanding the basics now and how to do the first assignment.

I was still tired though. Really wanted to sleep.

Definitely some confusion in the class. Especially when it came to GIFs and uploading.

Was asking myself if I truly knew what was going on in the class or if I’m just playing myself.

The class finished, and I was ready to go home and knock out. It was an amazing class don’t get me wrong, but sleep was a priority.

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