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I have been in York College for three years and I have never heard of the class CT 101. But this semester, my friend recommended me to take this class. She told me its interesting and its an easy A. When I first registered for it, I was a bit scared that its going to be hard. The word” technology” made my think that this class will be hard because I am not good on using computers. However, in the first week, Professor Ryan have explained everything about the class which relieved my stress.

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In the first day of classes, I was lost trying to find the CT 101 class. I spend like 15 minutes going back and forth on the 4th floor trying to find that class. I just wonder now, why I did not ask anyone in the hallway where was the class.  However……….

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This class is incredible. This class made me come to college on time/early so I can’t miss any information/detail of Professor Ryan. After taking this class, I come at 9:00 to college and wait one hour to go to the CT class.

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Me at 9:50 running to professors Ryan class!

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Professors Ryan’s lectures are so interesting and enjoyable. While listening to his lectures, all I need in that time is my favorite food and just listening to his wise information.

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My reaction when I heard that we have no exams, quizzes or papers.

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I was very happy to hear that we are going to create our own websites. I have always heard that creating a website is hard, but after the professor explain is sound easy. I am ready to make my own websites that will have my food recipes and the food I made.

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I was happy about the first assignment which was the introduction. When the professor explained to us how to do the assignment, I was very excited, because this was my first easy assignment in college. This assignment was like a relive for me. It was fun for me to look for memes and GIF that express my emotions.

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On the third week of class, I was also shocked with the easy assignment. Creating GIF’s.

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This is my first-time making Gif’s and mems. I thought it would be hard, but it was easy. And this was my reaction to the second assignment.

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My reaction on exploring the GIPGY website

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My reaction when the class finished 11:50

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  1. Great blog and you are soo expressive . I love it!!! I agree with you… I love taking in all of Professor Seslow’s advice . Good luck with your Junior Year

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