Assignment #2- GIFs Are My Only Emotions

The internet is amazing and all, but the best part of the internet is expressing my emotions with anime/cartoon gifs.

Like if I am excited about something, I’ll text my friends:

When I love something or see something I like:

When I feel smug or teasing my friends:

When they show me a meme and I already saw it months ago:

When I roast them:

Me every day right after I come home:

My favorite reaction gif of all time is my disturbed/triggered or wtf reaction:

I love this gif so much, words can’t express the emotions I feel but this gif can.

honorable mentions:

I also made an animated gif back when I was in middle school. do you wanna see it? here: It’s a cat licking your screen. I uploaded it to giphy, because I am nice like that.

Okay, that’s enough gifs I think. Here have some songs I’ve been listening to a lot this week:


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