🙋‍♂️Hello, this is my reaction…



My name is Sifat Syed, I hope you are feeling well. Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog for our 2nd week. In this post we are expected to use 8-10 GIFs to describe how we feel about our CT-101 Course.

Aaand without any further ado, here’s my Reaction thus far:

From Day 1 to the very END: I hate this every morning… I come late because I refuse to wake up. 😭💔

Me on the Subway everyday… 😪

Me rushing to get to class on time! 🐱‍🏍

But then I’m lost since I don’t know where the room is. 😅

Prof.Ryan looks like the Amazon Boss! 🤯

Seriously!!! 😲

I really enjoy Prof.Ryan’s Lectures a great deal, but had to add this… 😅😂🙏

My reaction when Prof.Ryan revealed he’s somewhat Deaf… 😱

On Day 1, I learned the difference between me & Prof.Ryan, I envy this feature when trying to sleep in Manhattan.

Prof.Ryan waiting for the Giphy website to load. 🤣

What Learning in CT-101 with Prof.Ryan feels like. 🤩🥳

The ONLY Scarf cooler than Prof.Ryan’s

😇 I hope this was good enough & I’m looking forward to the GIFs all of my wonderful Classmates share! 🍾🥂🤙

βest Regards,
Sifat Syed

By Sifat

🤦🏻My hidden Talent is so Perfectly hidden; it's yet to be found... 😭


  1. Hi Sifat,
    I liked the GIF’s you picked to express your feelings and emotions
    However, some of your GIF’s represented me in my first semester at York college. I was late most of the time to classes because i used to stay up all night watching series and than sleeping all day, including in classes. But now thank God i manged my time for everything.

    Overall,great job

  2. LMAO! I absolutely love the gifs you chose to express yourself and I can definitely relate to these! I dont like waking early in the mornings but I also dont like being late for class. So after my morning routine of quitting school (arguing with myself why I still go to school) every morning, I still find my way here (insert eye rolling emoji).

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