How I felt the last weeks of the semester knowing my schedule had all the classes I wanted, with all the credits I needed, the professors with great ratings and I still got to fit in Fridays off. Break was around the corner and my vacation was coming up. Felt great:  

Then one day I woke up and realized my winter break was coming to an end and school started back in less than a week:

How I woke up the first day back to classes after getting 5 hrs of sleep the night before; “I don’t want to gooooooooo”: Side note… I really did not go.

But this is how I walked into York the next day after realizing all I needed was 8 hrs of sleep to function:

Tuesday was my first day back and I walked into my second class of the day, Ct101, not knowing what to expect and then professor Ryan hit us with the “I don’t do finals or exams.” He had the whole class like:

That last reaction was ME

After an eventful week of learning my classes and going through my syllabuses, there was nothing to worry about; this semester was mine for the taking. Nothing was going trip me up. Like girl you got this:

Week 2: Still got this lol:

Week 3: “Oh s*** I don’t got this.”

It never fails, I go through this every semester. The first two weeks I feel like super woman, nothing can stop me. Then the third week comes and BOOM; Now I got two exams the following week I have to prepare for, three papers due at 11:59pm and a presentation at 8am the next morning. LIKE WHERE DID ALL OF THIS WORK COME FROM?:

But it’s cool cause there is only 12 weeks in a semester and it always goes by quick. When it’s all said a done I’m going to be running out of York like:

“Super Woman out” (Obama’s voice).



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