CT 101…. The start

Yea….this was pretty much my face when I found out York had a CT 101 class in a “secrete” fancy computer lab on the 4th floor after 4 years of being here.


Now we all know on the first day of a class professors love to do Ice-Breakers.  (Like we’re going to remember any names….I can barely remember my professors name

Now this………       ——————>

is EXACTLY how I felt when the professor asked us to share something about ourselves. IM BORING ! (lol) Its hard to find something “interesting” to say.


Now the professor is saying everything a graduating senior wants to hear. No tests, minimal work to do from home, just participate and out effort.Now I had no clue what this class was about coming in. All I knew was that we would be working on computers.  I thought I really knew a thing or two about computers so I was not really stressed coming in….. Easy A.





Now this was me by week #2……







No clue what I wanted to write about or how I wanted to do. This class had me thinking way more that I thought it would. I was having so much writers block.




But by the third week I start t calm down, because we start learning how to so stuff like making and inserting a meme or giphy into our posts. 




As I started to grasp an interest I also started to gasp the concept.  Now I don’t think I will have an issue with this class as long as I find ways to help this writers block.

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