Assignment 2 – Initial Reaction Gifs

When my guidance counselor first suggested that I enroll in Communications Technology 101 – Digital Storytelling, I focused on the technology aspect of the course name and figured we would be coding. I just hoped the programming language wouldn’t be as confusing as the last two semesters of French were.

But then I turned my attention to the digital storytelling part of the name.

Digital storytelling? I thought to myself. So, are we uploading videos? Writing actual stories? Doing something with photography?

It turns out that it would mostly be blogging.









So we’re gonna type up lengthy masses of text but instead of keeping them stored in Word, we’re posting them to a class website… Was my initial thought process.









This assumption was debunked when the professor informed everyone that we wouldn’t be writing essays in blog format, but posting about things we genuinely took interest in. I still wasn’t completely sold and I didn’t exactly feel thrilled about writing posts in Victorious Slap fashion.

But scrolling through some of the website after class showed me that rather than learning a complex programming language, uploading plain chunks of Arial, or posting our current mood, we would combine the writing skills we learned with our desire to share things on the internet to curate posts people would actually be interested in reading. (Plus we get to create our own websites! Those Squarespace adverts are a lot less tempting now.)







Professor Ryan’s positive attitude and unique approach to teaching also further helped solidify my view on how much I’ll enjoy this course as the semester continues. He emphasized how the class would be a safe space to post about whatever we took interest in while still being relevant to the coursework and I’m looking forward to future assignments!


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CT101 Digital Storytelling