Storytelling With GIFS

When I first signed up for this class I was like

because I had no idea what I was getting my self into with taking this class. then on the first day of class Professor Ryan started reviewing the syllabus and I seen how long it was all I did was hold my head. Professor Ryan started talking to the class and explaining what the class was actually about and how he was going to teach us and I grew confidence. 

We than began working on our first assignment in class, which was to find something on the internet that makes us happy and I found that assignment quit easy considering it had to do with what made us happy. Moving into the second week, we started on our second assignment.  This assignment was to tell a story about our feeling in the class through gifs.  This was another assignment I enjoyed doing based on the fact we got to pick  what images we wanted to incorporate. I honestly have really been enjoying my self in this class and i believe the professor has more exciting things in store for the class.

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  1. I love your gifs, but I agree I enjoy all the assignments he gave us but to tell a story with gifs was definitely my favorite so far.

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