My friend suggested me to take this class as with psychology major I can literally take a million elective courses that are not even related to the major. I did not know what I was getting myself into before taking this class



As I walked into the class it felt as though I have walked into a Ted talk. Professor Ryan be droppin some gems, sayin that there are 7.8 billion people in this world and everyone is so unique and precious.  I felt that I was in a totally different world. I felt so empowered.


But this class kept unfolding surprises for me. Professor Ryan mentioned that he was deaf. I did not believe him at first. I was so skeptical as he spoke so well and responded so well. He mentioned that once he takes his hearing aid out he doesn’t speak  for days.



He also mentioned that he does not know how pleasant he sounds and at that time I wished to tell him that he has a voice of a speaker, he sounds so polite, humble and gentle. Salute sir!

This class by far is the best class I have taken in 5 years at York college.

Me on a Monday night thinking of CT101

Me in French 101


CT  101


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