Assignment #2 – Reactions

Admittedly, I walked into the room on the first day with the idea that this would be another tiring class I’d have to pull through somehow.

I expected to be given another 5 paged syllabus but was given a long winded speech about angles and coincidences instead..

I wasn’t sure what the origin of the word had to do with the class at all but it soon made a lot more sense in context of the professor’s mindset for not believing in coincidences, and it made for a refreshing speech. Knowing there wouldn’t be any tests and we’d be able to go back and work on an assignment without being penalized was a stress reliever for sure and the class seemed promising by the end of the day.

The second week of class was definitely more exciting. When the professor joked about adding in tests due to a complaint email, I felt that there would be some bloodshed in the room with how high tensions were.

Although the plan for the day was thrown off a bit by YouTube not cooperating, it was amusing to watch our professor frantically trying out different links

while the rest of the class played around with giphy like:

Overall, this class is unusual and I’m looking forward to staying up at 4 AM making gifs instead of writing papers.

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