CT101 Reaction Assignment #2

From these past three weeks of taking Computer Technology course (CT101), I am so happy with the experience, knowledge, and skills that I have learned so far. Before taking this class, I had a friend who majors in CT, and I thought it was incredible how he creates, edits, and records videos, images, and much more. From this knowledge of what he had told me, he suggested I should take this class to which I am very thankful for. In addition to him telling me to take the class, we have many other friends who have taken CT101 from previous semesters, and from that information, I felt even more confident with this class than I did before.

Additionally, to this class, I have two other friends who are in it, and whenever I need assistance, I could ask them. As for the first assignment and knowledge I learned so far, I created a happy post where I shared an interest of mine. While sharing this information, I can view my classmates’ posts and interest as well. I believe the assessment was a nice start to the class, as well as learning how to place photos and videos into our post. The touch of adding images and videos is something that I believe makes the post-pop even more than it already is.

Furthermore, for this week, my classmates and I learned about gifs and how to create them. While learning these skills, I thought it was such a fun lesson to learn as I always wanted to know how to create one. Now that I know how to make a gif, I know for sure I will try to implement them anywhere that I can now.

(My first Gif)

As for the next upcoming weeks for this class, I cannot wait to learn more useful skills that I can implement in my daily life and gain more knowledge as a person. I only have high hopes for this class, and I cannot think of any bad thing to say about it. This class as something for everyone, and hopefully, everyone has a chance to experience this class at least one in their lives.


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