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I’m loving all the memes and highlights in honor of black history month. Not only is it funny but the recognition is necessary, especially being that we are celebrated on the shortest month in the year. I saw the funniest meme on instagram where someone said “I’m black every month but on black history month I’m this black”:

This took me out; I laughed so hard. Not only was it funny but it was relatable. It’s crazy how one silly meme can mean so much. It just said to me that as a black person you don’t get to pick and choose when you are black. When people see you that’s who you are but on black history month you  turn it up even more. Maybe I read into it too much but that was definitely a thought after my hysteria calmed down. Here’s another meme I saw that pretty much sums up my statement:

It also made me happy to see that Google put out a commercial for black history month and it had positive feedback on social media; going viral. The commercial was a surprise to me because this was the first time I seen a mainstream platform such as google do something to represent black people that was not cliche or sugar coated. In the commercial google shows their most searched categories which is all occupied by black influences. Example “the most searched female poet” comes up as Ms. Maya Angelou.  Here’s a clip I took from the commercial:

This was the most searched speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. This was refreshing to see.

Tatiana Tai

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