Becoming Remy

I have never been into cooking because I been lucky enough to have a mother who creates delicious food better than I could ever. My dad works as a cook but never really showed off his skills except on Valentine’s day when he would prepare lobster for all of us. life was good and my stomach and I were happy!

when I started to work, my life changed. I could buy whatever I want when I wanted. After buying a bunch of shoes I started to explore the unique restaurants in the city. While I was on my quest to find delicious food I came across Guga!

Guga is a guy who made cooking seem easy! The part that connected to me most was that he cooks steaks; one of my favorite dishes. All his videos are uploaded in 4k so I could almost taste the crispy crust he was searing onto the steak. The only thing that came to mind was I have to make that!  At the same time, my friend was watching the same videos and surprised me one day with the dry-aging bags that guga linked in his videos. we both went to the closest butcher shop and picked a beautiful ribeye. After 45 days of waiting it was time. we followed all the steps in the videos and used thermometer so secure perfection. We took the steak off the grill and let it rest which is probably the most difficult process. After the first bite, I realized that delicious restaurant-level food could be made at home.

N0w I enjoy inviting friends over to try new dishes.  I still watch guga and now also found sam the cooking guy. They both show people how to make great food with ease. Traditionally people would buy cookbooks with steps but thanks to the internet I can now visually see how it’s supposed to be and I am thankful! Here are some of my favorite dishes I’ve created so far. Thanks for reading!


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