Assignment #1- Internet Happy

The Good Advice Cupcake!

It is an animated cupcake named ‘Cuppy’ it makes me happy every time I watch her from social media, she is sweet, funny and optimistic, she tries to offer life advice and daily motivation. The character  Cuppy has a job as a naked ice cream taster, naps through house fires, and is close friends with a cookie, but getting through life and making the best of it is a universal experience. “Maybe your job is a little less delicious and your friend isn’t even edible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relate to a very helpful, talking cupcake.” I enjoy watching her a lot and I think you would too.

Here are some life lessons Cuppy shares: thegoodadvicecupcake
You should love the body you’re in, whether you’re a cupcake, muffin, eclair, or just a regular ole’ human.

Also, here is a video of Cuppy and her friend Cookie:


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