Assignment 1- Illy Marion


My name is Illy (Lilly without the L) and a variety of things have been making me happy this week.   


The first thing that kept me cheerful this week is this series of GTFO gameplay by a YouTuber I watch often. 

Sleepers rushing to attack the player after being alerted.

GTFO is a multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) horror game and the goal is for your team to escape a facility littered with mutants. This series consists of long videos where It’s just Jack (Jacksepticeye, the YouTuber) goofing off with his friends and the chemistry between them all paired with my love for horror, makes the videos enjoyable to watch every week. 

Game 1 – Sky: Children of Light

Flying up towards Prairie from the Hidden Forest.

One game that I have been playing myself is currently only available on IOS devices (to be released for android in the future) and it is called Sky: Children of the Light The goal is for players to explore different worlds while freeing the spirits of your ancestors from darkness. 

While bored and in search of a game to play, Sky caught my eye in the app store and I was immediately obsessed! The graphics are gorgeous and the cute, cartoony style of the characters really appeal to me.  

Moving on from an area in Prairie.







Landing back home.


The music in the game matches the beauty of the graphics and the multiplayer aspect makes the journey more fun as other players can help you traverse the different worlds (or just talk, if you like social games). Even after completion, there are a plethora of items to collect for your character and an event every month with time-limited items. 

 Game 2 – LINE PLAY

The last game I’d like to mention is Line Play. It’s a gacha game with social networking features such as public squares where players can talk with each other, a diary where people can post and interact with posts made by other players, and talk with people who have common interests in groups called “circles”.  However, I care more about the gacha aspect of the game. 

The New York Times square, not as crowded as it usually is.
Circle members discussing prices of in-game items.









Gacha is short for gachapon, which are the machines that dispense capsule toys/tattoos. Gacha games like Line Play apply a similar concept but instead of collecting capsule toys, I collect cute accessories for my avatar and my home. 

My character and the items I’ve received from recent gachas/the atelier.
My room and recent items I got from gachas.









Aside from spending my in-game currency on gacha tickets, I collect materials in my garden that are used to craft different items in the atelier. Additionally, every player receives free tickets for a time-limited gacha when players in circles complete their daily tasks.  

The amount of points we have left until we get 5 free gacha tickets.









Music – Iyla

Screen capture from “Juice.”

An artist I really like just recently released her second album a few days ago. Her name is Iyla and I found her after her song “Juice” was recommend to me while listening to whatever songs came on from YouTube’s autoplay feature. Her music is within the R&B/soul genre and her vocals, rap , and videos are all great. Both of her albums describe being in a toxic relationship and learning to love yourself instead of relying on someone else’s love to feel whole.  

Music – NCT 127

The signature move from a song off of their latest album, We Are Superhuman.







One of my favorite Korean pop groups announced that they would be releasing another album at the beginning of March. The group’s name is NCT 127 and it’s a subunit of a larger group called NCT (Neo Culture Technology) with a total of 21 members.

17 of the 21 members in NCT.

This subunit is my favorite since, although they are a Korean pop group, I genuinely never know what sound to expect from them. Every comeback has a different sound with interesting music videos to match. Recently the group released the song titled “Dreams Come True” and it has an older R&B sound, hinting at yet another great comeback!

Instagram – Explore Page Find

I was scrolling through the Instagram explore page one day and I saw an interesting post with a woman sporting shoes that resembled the top row of human teeth. The shoes were named Overbyte and at that moment I was ready to throw my money at the creator of the shoe. To my dismay, the shoes didn’t even exist yet! 

@princessgollum modeling the Overbyte shoes.

In fact, all of the shoes displayed on have yet to be created. The page is run by artists Nathalie Nguyen and her boyfriend Dominic Lopez. They both come up with cool shoe designs, render them in 3D, and edit them onto models. Hopefully the two will bring their unique designs to fruition in the future. 


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