Internet Happiness!

This week while surfing the world wide web I ran into an old movie (well not so old for me but fairly new). Kill Bill came out October 10th, 2003, and at this time I was about 5 years old.I was just looking for something to watch, and then it was right there in front of my face where to look.

SOCIAL MEDIA OF COURSE!!!!!!  So social media surfing I go, and Facebook is where I found a list of MUST SEE movies.

So as I am surfing  and  looking  to  see  what  looks  good  to  watch I come  across  the  KILL  BILL  movie.

Looooooooonnngggg story short there was a scene that really caught my attention with the character Elle Driver. She is whistling a tune that I am familiar with. I realize that someone took that little snippet with her whistling and mad it into a long that I used to listen to.

When putting 2 and 2 together I realize that this movie was the inspiration to that song, and both were good.




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