Internet Happiness

There are many things that are making me happy on the internet this week. One thing making me happy this week is…


This post in particular made me so happy because I always want someone to take pictures of me and one of my newest yet closest friends took these amazing pics of me. I was struggled with being insecure but as someone who plans on being a public figure I have to get over it. This post made me happy but it’s small way for me to tell the world that I’m here to stay. The colors were vibrant and my smile was wonderful these pictures were just taken with my friends phone it makes me so excited to imagine what he can do with his professional camera.

The comments below as shallow as it may be made me feel fulfilled one friend of mine called me cute while another stranger offered me a job as an influencer I guess but I’m a journalist not an influencer that’s not my style.
To give context to this picture we were outside a chicken spot for waiting for to be let in a place for a beauty pageant to support our friend there at Newark, New Jersey. No offense to anyone but I hate Newark, New Jersey like five different homeless people  came up to us it was sad.

Anyways this pictures boosted my confidence and I loved them so much that I made them my screensaver on my phone. Posting on them on the internet made me so happy as well as I received validation from my peers.


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