Assignment #1 – Hamham

The first few weeks of a semester is always hectic with all the class swapping and I often find myself scrambling around to find the right room. Although it’s been a tiring week, this channel that I discovered by chance has made waking up each day more tolerable.

This pet channel is dedicated to providing high quality clips of hamsters doing hamster things; such as eating cheese, having sand baths, fighting towels, meditating and, more importantly, napping in the most inconvenient place:

As a hamham owner myself, it’s comforting to watch the slow rising of a sleeping heap of fur at the end of a long day. I enjoy caring for my hamster and seeing others share their fun experiences with their furry friend makes me happy. Hamsters come in many shapes and sizes and my Naicha (meaning milk tea in Cantonese) came as a small ball of hate, though he has since warmed up to the idea of spending the rest of his hammy life eating premium sunflower seeds and rolling in the finest sand.

Naicha in ball mode:

Xmas edition:

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