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I am a fan of anything Dragon Ball related. Even though the original series and its other installments are over and done with I still enjoy going back to it. One of the ways I go back to this franchise is by playing the video games that are apart of the Dragon Ball franchise. The most recent Dragon Ball game that I have played actually came out this past January. That game is called “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot”

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot lets you replay the well known story in a RPG style of game-play. You can fly, fight, fire ki blasts and do all of the things that Dragon Ball is known for. However unlike past games Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot lets you do some of the things that most people don’t normally associate with Dragon Ball even though it is apart of it. One of these things is learning how to drive.

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In a world where characters literally have the power to destroy planets and travel through space, there is just something aesthetically pleasing about seeing these same characters learn to drive even though they really don’t need to. I personally like this because it shines a light on the lesser known moments in Dragon Ball while also showing that Dragon Ball isn’t afraid to make fun of itself. Also it’s just a nice change of pace from all the intense battles by showing something very lighthearted.

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