2/4 Happiness = Pink Cat + Gordon Ramsey

So I’ve been following an account on Instagram for a while by the name of @pinkcatdaily and this page is a sacred dwelling for me and my homegirls. This Instagram character was created by Saba Moeel (aka Cult Day) in 2014. The page includes drawings of Pink Cat art while using tweets from various Twitter accounts, depicting certain relatable memes that are circling the internet at the moment, or offering positive affirmations. This page is all about positivity and self-love, while also managing to evoke some laughs whenever you’re feeling a little low.

Here’s some of my personal favorites from Pink Cat


Another source of happiness that I found comes in the form of an angry hot-headed chef that you may or may not know. His name is Gordon Ramsey and this man is a treasure-trove of hilarious insults directed towards chefs and their food. The clips below are from Hell’s Kitchen Youtube channel. Hell’s Kitchen is a show in which a handful of hopeful chefs battle it out to win a money prize and to become Head Chef at one of Ramsey’s famous world-renown restaurants. He often calls people “donkeys” for their stupidity. Or he’ll just spit your food out and point out how pathetic the effort behind the dish is. Here is Ramsey in all his angry glory.


He often pushes individuals to tears and he just absolutely rages, and I love it. It seems as though as long as people are willing to cook horrible food around Ramsey, I’ll always have a place to laugh at other people’s failures.

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