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I have always been a foodie and so something that really makes me happy is watching food videos and Youtubers going on a food adventure throughout the world to explore different flavors. This video in particular is my favorite because Mark Weins, travels to Pakistan (my home land) and tries a bunch of my favorite Pakistani dishes.


One of them is biryani (a flavorful dish where aromatic meat and potatoes are buried in between layers of rice, saffron coloring, mint leaves and everything heavenly which is then left on low flame and simmered until all the aromas blend in).

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This biryani, however; consists of a giant bone marrow,

Unlike the regular biryani, this biryani is famous because of bone marrow in it – an unconventionally styled biryani which is unheard of and probably the first restaurant to ever make it in the City of Lights- Karachi

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the gooey, buttery insides of which melt in your mouth, are mixed and eaten with rice and potatoes.

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Paired with biryani, Mark enjoys the thick beef curry stew full of spices called Nihari.


What makes Nihari very unique and enjoyable is it’s stickiness and sucking onto the bone marrow.



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