What Makes Me Happy

What I love the most about the internet, is being able to live through others. For instance, if you want to travel but can’t afford it at the moment, on social media platforms, I’m able to see how other travels. I can look at other eat foods, I have never eaten before. My favorite videos on YouTube are the mukbang videos. Mukbang is a Korean term and it started when a youtuber ate in front of the camera and recorded it. I guess it gives you comfort if you eat alone, you could get a sense of eating with someone else. But for me it’s really just craving food but at the moment, I’m on a diet so I can’t have certain food. But On my cheat days, I eat what I craved the most from the mukbang videos. My favorite mukbanger is Stephanie Soo at the moment. She makes me jealous, she can eat and eat and never gain the weight.

When I’m bored or when I can’t fall asleep, I watch these travel/food youtubers to see where I can potentially go someday or what I can eat. Youtube has become my go to entertainment center.

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