Assignment #1- Happiness

Ever since the beginning of 2019 I’ve been dreaming about getting myself a car. But I had to get my license first before I was even going to think about purchasing a car. So I had recently gotten my license in November 2019. I then started my research on buying a car. I’ve been using this website that is good with describing cars in a non technical way; because i’m not a car expert. I know the bare minimum. The car that I think is a good fit for me is called Ford Fusion. I would be buying a used version between 2015 all the way up to 2019. My budget for a car right now is 10,000 and below but if  see on that is basically looks and seems brand new I’ll probably get it. I’ll insert a picture of the exact car I want below.

Image result for ford fusion

This is a video that I watched a long time ago and it really inspired me to try and get this car.

I would hopefully like to be riding in my new whip by the summer time or just before the year 2020 ends. This is what I enjoy to look at on the internet it truly brightens my day. Image result for smiling emoji

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