CT101- Makes Me Happy

Along with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, the memes that were created to admire their win makes me happy.  Patrick Mahomes is the teams quarterback and he undisputedly won them the Super Bowl.  He has won MVP, went All Pro twice and now has won a championship while only being in the NFL for 3 years.  Me being a huge football for almost all my life, Iv’e watched Patrick progress as a quarterback and he has done more than a lot of other individuals in his position at the age of 24.  He can now be in the conversation of “who’s the best quarterback in the league” and be compared to the greats like Tom Brady.

This is one of the many memes that I enjoyed reading on Super Bowl Sunday.

This meme was especially funny to me because I read the tweet that President Trump wrote about the team.  The president thought that the team was located in a whole different state than where they actually are.  This made me laugh, as well as made me happy in the past week.

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