Happy 29 Days of Black Cosplayers

As of the start of February, it is Black History Month to which we honor leaders, civil rights activists, former slaves, and movements that have allowed black individuals to gain equality across the nation. From this month of black history and black excellence, some things I personally love, and I believe, contributes to black excellence are black cosplayers and black content creators. Amongst the aspects of cosplayers, there are black cosplayers that demonstrate their love of cosplay, costumes, and makeup regardless of their skin color and skin tone.


The definition of cosplay is when an individual dresses like a character from a movie, book, film, video game, etc. Upon a recent scenario on social media, there have been many black cosplayers who have experienced discrimination by others due to their skin color and how they do not resemble the characters that they are imitating. Many times, critics would voice their opinions on these cosplayers’ page about how “the characters are white” or “you’re doing an OC” to which these comments are supposedly saying that black individuals cannot dress like a particular character because of their skin tone.

However, amongst my social media and Instagram page, I have come across many outstanding black cosplayers who would disregard the negative comments of what people have said about them. These cosplayers continue to cosplay whatever character they choose to replicate.



In addition to their unique style of cosplaying and awareness of their skin color, many black cosplayers are honoring the month of February by promoting themselves and many other cosplayers of color with the #29DaysofBlackCosplay.

Lastly, many of these black cosplayers are crafty as they create their own costume and even make videos of how they organize their costume and makeup design themselves. Nevertheless, I am proud and excited to see these fantastic cosplayers pushing the boundary of equality and acceptance amongst the month of Black History Month and every other month continuing.

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