The End of CT101

I can’t believe that this class is already over in a span of around 4 months. It felt like the class only took 5 weeks, and that there’s so much more stuff to do during the class. But during this semester, I had a fun time taking this class since it gives me the opportunity to create a new from of art; And that is making memes.

Before taking CT101, I was really nervous that it would be similar to taking an English class; But instead of reading poems or short stories, it would be about responding to blogs. Good thing I was wrong, because CT101 surprised me with what it had to offer. When Professor Seslow told us that we could create memes and make our very own website, I just froze to make sure that I was dreaming and it was all in my head. I enjoyed creating gifs and memes that would either fit with a blog that I would type about, or just for fun.

When my class had to do the ZINE project, I knew I had to use all of my creative skills to imagine an idea to be put on a computer screen. And since we learned how Adobe Photoshop works, it gave me more visionary ideas to have. However, I had trouble trying to figure out what I should talk about in my very own website. Not only that, but I was thinking to myself if I wrote to little in my blogs and that it needed to be stretched out to make it a good blog post.

But after through what it felt like a short class, I could say with 100% honestly, that I loved taking CT101. In fact, this might be the only class that I want to retake; Because of a professor that helped me and my classmates to be successful with the work, as well as having a class that is simple and didn’t need too much work to pass. It wasn’t stressful, nor it didn’t gave me too many negative thoughts unlike my other classes that I was taking this semester. If I would decide a grade that I should get, it would be getting an A-. I believe that I did all of the work that was given to me, I go to almost every class (missing 1); But I usually arrive late to class, and have created a few blogs for CT101’s website. I gave effort to my blogs, as well as giving time to create a good design/gif/meme/blog post that would be considered good to the professor.

With this class, I hope to keep the website that I built stay¬† active until the day it expires; Because I’m not sure if I have to pay hundreds of dollars to keep my website afloat. But I’ll make sure that I’ll use it as much as I can before that happens. And as I finish my final blog of CT101, allow me to show you some of the many creations that were being born by my own “hands.” Thank you Professor Seslow! Hope to see you in campus in the inevitable future!

Your student,

Carlos G.

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