Salutations CT101

Whew! For me to only end up taking three classes this semester (which each one I expected to be an easily passable class) I must say, 2019 threw me one last curveball before it ended; And that would be the knowledge I learned or attempted to learn in this class. This class truly showed me how technologically handicapped I am. One could say in regards to certain, if not most aspects of technology I know very basic minimal knowledge.

Me continuously pretending to understand a new topic or concept introduced

All in all I would say my tenure in the class was a moderate success because it certainly opened my eyes as to what I need to work on in regards to this Age of Technology we’re in. Don’t even get me started on my photoshop attempts that almost led to my demise and a slither of insanity amidst this course. Every time someone would show me or make an effort to get me to understand this was my exact face and sentiment:

If I’m being honest with myself, the class and you Prof. Seslow, I’d say I deserve a B-, potentially a C+ because I truly feel I’m the most lost of the flock out of all of my peers. I gave each post and concept an honest effort despite the classes missed. During this winter break I’ll surely be making gifs and photoshopped pics just to enhance my lacking skill.

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