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I must admit I did not expect this class to be as fun as it was. I expected a lot of writing for some odd reason. I needed this course as an elective towards my Journalism major.  Ct- 101 has been such an amazing experience for me. This class was very interesting overall. I love the fact that it is based on creativity. My very first blog-post was titled “MOOD” and it was a Meme of Rihanna. It was very easy to create. At that moment I thought this class was going to be a breeze.

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Our next assignment was the “What’s making me happy” blog. Which was a little intriguing because I got to explore more with making memes. Which was really fun.  I really enjoyed those assignments. I learned that in order to make a meme you just have to take a portion of a clip or just a picture of someone or something, include a message or quote and you have yourself a meme.

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Our next assignment was even more fun. It was a group project, we had to create a panoramic picture, which told a story. The process of creating this picture was funny because we either weren’t able to run to the other side of the room in time of the shot or it was interrupted by a fellow student walking by. This was my first panoramic picture ever. I didn’t even know what that was, until now so thank you professor!

The next Project was the GIF project. I have discovered a new found love for creating GIF’S . The process is very easy and its so cool all of the things you can do. You can add filters and messages you can speed up the clip or slow it down. You can change the theme,color,filter or the composition of the photo or video altogether. I loved playing with the vibrancy, saturation,brightness, hue and balance of the image. I’m getting the hang of this!

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Our next project was the Zine Project which was by far one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I could not figure out how to crop or cut out images and paste it onto the background of another image. It literally took me at least 4 hours to create an image. I finally realized that you have to unlock the image first and that you need to create layers in order to cut out an image. You then select the lasso tool to cut out your image. I also learn that in order to copy and past you had to select the edit tab from the top left hand corner. You cannot simply right click on the mouse and copy and paste like you would normally. Silly me :/

steve harvey smh GIFsesame street smh GIF


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Videos that were extra helpful towards my learning of Adobe Photoshop is listed below



This class has introduced me to websites such as,,www.pixabay and These website are a huge lifesaver. Through the use of these websites you can easily create Memes,GIF’s and other artwork. They have filters, images,videos,text inserts and more.

I love this class so much it was fun and challenging. I learned so much I was never computer or technology savvy. Now look at me and what I can do.  I look at communication so differently now because a picture, GIF, Meme whatever it may be speaks a thousands words. I would have never thought about creating a meme or GIF if it weren’t for this class, Photo shopping especially. Now I wont ever have to struggle with finding the perfect meme or GIF I can do it on my own. I now have the tools necessary to be successful. The skills that I have learned will be used on all my social media platforms. I will also apply them towards the foundation of creating more websites in the near future. I believe I deserve an A for this class I put forth a lot of effort. Although I missed a few classes and was often times late. I made sure I still got the work done.

I am keeping my website of course. I love blogging, photo-shopping and creating both GIF’s and Memes. I plan on creating a website for my new found skills in the near future. However with the website I created in class it will remain a fashion blog and a portfolio for my photography.





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  1. Excellent work on this reflection and this entire semester! Great consistent work, it has been a pleasure to watch everyone’s growth! Happy happy holidays!

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