TierraJai’s Final CT Blog Post

Hello CT Classmates and Prof.Ryan!

The semester sped by and just like that ‘a new beginning’ has come to an end of a chapter.

I know I will miss CT 101 and Professor Ryan’s inspirational quotes. Part of me thinks about CT becoming my minor because I feel it is one of the best ways I can receive help towards my entrepreneurial dreams while earning my degree. However, I’m still considering it honestly because I’ve taken about 2 (soon 3) courses in theatre and am still interested in other art classes. Plus, Prof.Ryan set the CT Professor bar pretty high. It took me a while to finally declare Psychology as a major so I would appreciate anyone willing to inform me of their experience thus far as CT Majors and Minors to help me sort through the decision.

At the start, I was extremely optimistic about my abilities and what I would accomplish. The biggest accomplishment for me was creating my website and my first official photoshop project (ZINE). While posting to my blog and in the mix of taking 4 other classes I experienced highs and lows of inspiration. But each time I reached class, I felt renewed and welcomed so I was always able to have a clear mind for creating. I feel I deserve an A in the class because, throughout the semester, I always found time to attend classes and stay after hours for help. In addition, I supported classmates in learning WordPress and stayed active in appreciating the creations of other posts and blogs. Writing posts displaying the various aspects of your self so that it can be a place for all people is not easy, but I am proud that I have begun doing so. Due to that, I was able to find my writing style as a blogger. My paintings, drawings, and handwritten work can now be shared with many. I have created a place where I can exercise my knowledge of Psychology and allow it to support others for FREE!

*I didn’t give myself an A+ because I did not complete check-ins, but I would have if I knew it was okay to mark time spent creating and not just check-ins for final created post. However, I remained active with creating by writing, journaling, photo editing, learning through photoshop tutorials displayed on my site*

Feat. My Photoshop Self Portrait! Tinkerbell looks good in orange. I said it first

I still learned the most valuable lessons of the class. I learned how to practice combining my skills with the teachings of others so that I could learn on my own. I was able to experience school in a positive and untraditional setting which supported my creativity and my overall experience at York. In the last few years, my greatest passion has been writing and exploring many art languages. CT101 gave me the outlet to express this and I consider the class the first official support I’ve ever had towards my future career and this is exactly what I intended to experience. I say the experience was a success!

I will continue to post on my site (after all, I CANNOT give up my URL name for many future business reasons). After the winter break, my goal is to have about 5 new “passionately written share-worthy” post. I already have many post in mind such as; “Affirmations for Everyday Peace”, “Beginning Meditation as YOUR practice”, “Heart to Heart conversations with friends and families”, “Embracing creativity regardless of pressures to define it”, “Using Music to Heal through trauma”, “How can we avoid feelings of sinking after College Graduation”…and many more… soooo..stay tuned and comment to subscribe to the blog if interested at tierrajai.com and please share with friends!

I’m grateful for the interactions I’ve had with classmates and that I was able to learn more about my colleagues. Cheers to accomplishing our dreams and never forgetting the influence of our abilities! I wish you all the best.

“Your Potential Self is Infinite” 

With Peace and Love, Tierra Jai

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  1. Thank you so much, Tierra!
    Great work this semester across all of class criteria! You have completed great work and always pushed
    yourself further and evolved each week. You generated a great website filled with great content that clearly displays your growth!
    Thank you for the dedication to the class and our classwork!
    Happy Holidays!

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