Farewell To CT101

As the semester  comes to an end, I would like to take some time to reflect back on CT 101. For starters, this class has really helped me to tap into my creative side which hasn’t been done before. Through the 3 semesters that I have been at York a lot of the classes lacked value. It was just required  classes where you go in, listen to the professor talk, “study” , take test and go on about your day. When I decided to change my major to Communication Technology and read the course description for CT 101, I was immediately excited. When the first day of class arrived and Professor Ryan gave a more in depth I was hooked. The fact that I was able to use and create my own giphs as a form of self expression and have the opportunity to create my own websites spoke volumes.

happy toddlers and tiaras GIF

Having to create my own giphs and memes was fun overall. We’re all suckers for a good meme or giph but to have creative control to create my own and relate to others was exciting.  I’m a very expressive person when it comes to conversation  and writing, so what better way to bring it to life and add some type relatability for my fellow classmates while reading.Here are some memes and giphs  that I was able to create using  the giphy website. (To see more of my giphs: https://giphy.com/channel/cherisse_small1)

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

When it was time to take part in the “GIF the Portrait project”, I was ready to see where my creativity would take me. In addition this was my first time using Adobe Photoshop and being able to use different functions such as adding filters, changing the focus and adding different layers to my project was really a learning experience. For this project, the first picture I chose a filter that added a  grainy effect to the picture. The third picture I edited 3 of the same images. The second picture I created 3 layers and placed them on top of one another but making sure the eyes were a few inches apart. For the third picture I used a filter that added a black and white contrast to the image.

Animated GIF

Next up was participating in the Zine Collab Project. This was one of my favorite projects because it allowed for me to show my take on how technology and creativity can coincide. It also allowed for me to work a little bit more with Photoshop so I can become more familiar with the different functions it has to offer. These were the two images I was able to create to submit for the Zine Collab project.

Being in CT 101 has also allowed me to create my own website: http://cherissesmall21.com/ , which has helped me to speak on issues that I dont talk about on a daily basis.Here I post a few of the CT 101 assignments and I even created a segment called “Venting Hour” where I just rant and shed light on what I’ve been going through, throughout my life. I spoke on me dealing with depression,anxiety, loosing my creativity, and even getting my first tattoo. I am still in the process of considering on whether or not I will still be posting on my website. I’m still trying to figure out if I will remain as a Communication Technology or switch to something else. Yes I know I can still post regardless of what major I choose, but I also want to have a passion for what I’m doing. If my heart is not into it then chances are I wont continue.

Overall I believe I should receive a B+/A-. Due to personal reasons I was not able to attend my Tuesday section class which I can take full responsibility/accountability for. BUT because Ryan allowed us to attend the Thursday section I made sure to go so I had information on what the assignments are and how to get them done. I completed the projects that were given to the best of my ability no matter how much I was dealing with on a personal level or even if it meant losing sleep to complete a blog post. School always comes first and I always try to give 110% especially seeing that this class has really offered a platform for me to express my creativity in a relatable way.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great work this semester!
    Your website looks great and each week we can see how you pushed yourself to grow.
    Blogging and building an online platform takes time and practice, you took on the challenge and generated great work, thank you!
    Happy Holidays!

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