Farewell Blog Post- Tysain Shand

From the first day of class, I was into everything this class was about.  I love memes, to a ridiculous degree.    My phone is filled with them, my computer is filled with them and I fill my time with them.  One thing that I found a little strange is that I had never made a meme before this class.  Usually, if I’m into something as much as this I inspire me to do something creative with it.   Usually, I try to make it my own, but my out spin on it so that  I can say that I gave back something to that thing or community.

Above is the first meme I made, I think that it actually really good.  Impactful and there is a relation between the message and the picture.  It’s based on one of my favorite moments of my all-time favorite series Dragonball.  For the project of the first day, I challenged myself to only use sense from this series to convey what I was feeling.  This was something that I really appreciated about this class.  We had many projects tailored to help us learn a bunch of new skills but we were always encouraged to interpret it in our own way and us our creativity.


The proposition of building a website was a little bit scary for me, but looking at it 2 months later there was really nothing to worry about.  It was a very simple and easy process for me.  Once I had removed everything from the default site it was like the world was at my feet and I could do anything I wanted.  I actually really enjoyed this,  and I do plan to keep using the site and updating it because I feel like I found what I really want to do with it and I have a ton of ideas for content.  This was so fun I plan on making a website for my sister to help her with her business.

Overall this was a fun at rewarding experience. This was my first semester as a CT student so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Thankfully my first two classes in the study were great and very engaging.  I enjoyed bringing thinks I genuinely like into my school work and really exploring those things.

Below are some of my favorite things i worked on in the past few weeks.

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  1. Great work this semester man!
    You rocked CT101 to the fullest with your well crafted digital art works across all of criteria.
    Your visuals supported your fluid writing style and that is a very compelling combination!
    Keep going man!
    You built a fantastic website and I am certain that it will grow and evolve!

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