Finally Finding Some Truth-Zine Project

It was a week before it was due and I sat down and really thought about this. What did I want? What did I want to say? what did I want my audience to feel from looking at my photo. I began thinking about my music and if I made an cover for one of the songs I released in the beginning of the year what would it look like. I began with the sky because I feel as though we all “look up” for guidance in any sense of the word. The picture was going to be a metaphor in itself.

Then I chose the moon  and added it in.

I cropped it and put it in the center.

The I added this vintage mermaid image in to give a sense of mystery and I kept the original photo of Kurt Cobain and added a dark contrast to his image and the moon.


I played around with the fade tool quite a bit for this project. I wanted a mysterious, faded, vintage feel so the audience would have to look further than what they saw at first glance for the message.

This is what I left the day with. And if for those who couldn’t read the fine print so to speak Keep Calm. All answers will be revealed on the next episode of the walking dead…. just kidding but checkout the next blog post.

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