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Good day fellow ct 101 classmates it has been a while since I have been here due to the fact that I have been posting on my own website which you guys should checkout it is . If I am being honest here ct 101 has been one of the coolest classes I have taken all semester. I have learned so much and it has helped me to be a much more creative person then I was before. I never knew a Digital storytelling class could be so interesting I have learned, to have a better appreciation for both memes and gifs. I always thought both memes and gifs were easy until I had to make my own. That’s when I figured out it was not as easy as I thought it was. It takes actual time to come up with a meme and a giph for one there is a whole giphy sight that has all the world wide memes and happily for me I was able to make my own account and make a giphy of my own can you imagine I made my own giphy that’s quite cool. I didn’t only make one either but about four or five. 

In order to make that giphy I had to search up my favorite cartoon and,  then take a small clip of the scene I wanted to make this giph and once that was done I was able to transport that clip to the giphy website creator from there and edit on the website adding words. I thought this giphy was funny because it was honestly such a mood, you know that feeling of having to wake up early for class in the morning  and having that one sibling that always comes at the exact same time before they leave for school to bother you and your just like ya blah blah I honestly just want to go to sleep. 

Another thing I learned was how to make a panoramic story. The crazy part about this project was the panoramic feature was always on my phone. I always chose to ignore it because not only did I not know how to use it but I also thought it was unnecessary to use, well unnecessary until it became an actual project that I had to do. With the panoramic project we had an option to basically either create a story using the panoramic feature on our phones or to just take a picture of something using the feature and explain it. So what I chose to do was to take a picture of yorks library and I know when I say that you are all probably thinking ya what’s wrong with her out of all the things in the world you choose yorks Library well here’s why simply because it is such a reasonable resource that often times we take for granted as explained in my project not only can you go to the library at no cost and still have an unlimited amount of information but it is also one of the building blocks to your road to success. 

Another thing that I learned that I have always wanted to learn for years now is how to use photoshop. Our task was to create a video of us getting the image to do something creative. So what I decided to do was use an image of a girl with an all orange outfit and I then played around with some of the filters and I made one image sort of grainy and pink and the other a blueish aqua and then I decided to keep the original picture as well and once I was done I connected all the images together and turned it into a few second video. After that project we were told that using the same techniques we would have to use photoshop on any portrait of ourselves. So what I decided to do was use an image from a photo place I went to. The reason I chose this image was because it was bright and had multiple colors in the image I could of worked with. So with this portrait I had of myself I decided to make the first image the original image because it was already colorful and then I enhanced the image into a more greenish purple image and then from there it transcended into a sort of glow in the dark outline so it was as if the image was glowing all around it. We then worked on another image from photoshop but this time it wasn’t just for ourselves and the ct class alone, we had to work collaboratively with other schools as well to create one big Zine project. Our goal was to create an image That creatively expressed Technology and creativity as powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.” So what I decided to do for this project was to take a creative and image and turn it into my blank canvas because I noticed a lot of times an image is just an image unless you give it a creative meaning behind it so in my image lay a hand that seems to be capturing a dancing girl with a red ribbon and instead of just leaving it as just that I decided to photoshop in a silhouette of a photographer and a crowd of  people and I quote a quote over the crowd of people stating “Don’t ever let the world captivate your beauty.” The hand was there to protect her, The ribbon is the stray of power she holds onto because it is the only thing that has life and power and lastly the crowd signifies the world trying to reel her in to be something she’s not. Besides only working on ct 101 projects I have also been working on my own website as well I am using it as a personal blog page as a way to express my creative expressions the website is at the beginning of this blog. I will definitely be maintaining this website even after the class because I find it quite fun. I will also be putting down all the pages I created down below.

If I was to choose a grade for myself I would say at least an  A- the reason is because I may not have done the absolute best but I did put in a lot of time and effort into my work and I always made sure to make it to class so I wouldn’t miss anything. I also never rushed my assignment because I believe each image and each project as a whole deserves time.

A walk down memory lane

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  1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and creative final response, Kayla!
    You have completed great work this semester in our class! Thank you for your consistent progress and evolution each week, as well as the active participation in our group chats!
    Have a great Winter break! Happy Holidays!

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