Are Memes Art?

Memes are definitely ART!

There should be no debate about this but as everything in life there are always multiple sides to it. From watching the video attached to the assignment, I felt weirdly validated. I vibed so much with what the youtuber was saying and it was nice to hear someone creating content about something that was similar to my own mindset. There is often thing aura around art that it needs to be elegant, outspoken while still maintaining a certain level of sophistication .

That is what I believe Memes to be. Art for the Masses. It is something that we need to be in anyone place to enjoy. The “new museums” we go to in order to experience these wonderful treats are amazing platforms such as Youtube, Reddit, tumblr and one of my favorites Pinterest.

Memes give many people a sense of acceptance. It provides a way to acknowledge a common struggle, or points ridicule among different races and age group with the purpose of sharing a laugh. The best part of humor and sometimes the worst in the sense of truth that lies behind it.


It is pretty late in the semester and I can agree that these posts are long overdue but the thing about inspiration and truth is that it comes so rarely that I can now make content I am proud…. which I believe is the point of this class. Without being too dramatic I feel like this class has saved my life as an artist and forced me to get out of my comfort zone. Hence this meme 🙂