So long farewell …

When I first joined digital story telling I didn’t know what to expect at all but I ended up really enjoying it.

I enjoyed the meme making and the Photoshop work, it introduced me to something that I didn’t know I was interested in. Manipulating images and making them different is something I would like to look more into. I definitely want to maintain my website, I would like to use it for everything I used it for in this class. Poems, my personal views my accomplishments, maybe just tidy it up and organize it a bit more. I believe I will be getting an A in the class, I put thought into all my pots, set up my website and put care into my website and what I wanted it to be.

These are just a few pieces I made the rest can be found at  

Overall my experience was a great one, the classes were calm and Ryan was patient and kind. This had to be one of my favorite classes of the semester and If I do decide to take the skills I have learned further and do something big with it I will have CT101 Digital storytelling to owe all my glory to.

Happy Holidays to you all and I hope this semester was full of A’s! Happy finals week, get drunk after your last final you’ve earned it!

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Lover of memes and laughter, I laugh entirely too much and it often gets me into trouble. Future Oscar winner, changing the lives of chunky brown girls everywhere. Amanda 4 Prez. (haha not really though, nooo thank you)

One thought on “So long farewell …”

  1. Thanks so much for the great work this semester!
    It was great fun to watch your work evolve and grow each week!
    Your photoshop skills greatly expanded and supported the written content well!
    Have a great winter break! Happy Holidays!

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