The Show Must Go On



I have been acting for a while but I would have to say that this was my most difficult character that I’ve had to play. For one I was playing a man and not just any man but he was a Roman, He was stern and serious, he believed in honor like it was the bible and he was unwavering. His confidence in who he was and what he stood for was showed through the way he walked and the way he talked even the way he laughed. I had to play someone who was similar to me but at the same time very different. In the very beginning I did not want to do this play at all, I hated Shakespeare and I had no interest in this being my last play of undergrad. Then I was offered the role and said yes, so now I was doing a play I didn’t want to do and playing a character I didn’t think I could play.

I am always nervous for a performance but this was different, I began to doubt myself, I was scared that I couldn’t measure up, that I would butcher the character. Would i be a believable man? would the audience see me as such? All the questions I stay away from when it comes to acting started to become louder than my belief in my abilities. I had to not only get through not having a set until two days before but also playing this complex old english speaking character as well as pushing through my insecurities and I wouldn’t change a thing. This was the experience I needed from start to finish. I was fortunate enough to be liked enough to be nominated to compete in a regional theater festival competition for a second time. I don’t know where this acting thing is going to take me or what the future holds. It could all end here with college or it can push me to a Oscar nominee, whichever it is I will always remember this play. The play that taught me that I truly can do anything I set my mind to and to never count myself out.  To remember that no matter what : The show must go on !

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