Zine Project Submissions

The Zine project was a fun collaborative work to be a part of. The images I chose are meant to tell a story from different perspectives. What story it tells is completely up to the person who is looking at the picture, for it is different to everyone.

For my first picture I chose a space theme because I love space. Space is vast and interesting and we are only expanding further and further into it. Putting technology in space is something we are only just starting to do and most of us have to look up at it from down on earth.

My second zine picture was inspired by something slightly different. Not technology way out in space, but the technology right down here in our hands, on our bodies. Technology has become part of our everyday life and I created this picture as a way to display that.

And for the third and final picture I chose cameras as a specific inspiration. Cameras are amazing tools that let us experience the world through a completely different lens besides our own. Cameras are something that can carry information, emotion, and even tell an entire story with just one shot.

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