The ZINE Project

The ZINE collab project is when many students submit their own digital design based on what its meaning is. And this year, our class had to illustrate a design on how, “Technology and creativity are powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.”

I did two designs that share the same meaning, but needed to submit one that is more visually stunning. I used Adobe Photoshop as my canvas to place images online and make something artistic. I then had to imagine how I want to place on the blank screen, in which I go to the internet to look up for transparent images, as well as a good background. And finally, I just had to do some edits to find the design that I find as a “good” work of art. (It was my first time doing art like this, so it may not be a masterpiece at a first attempt)

When doing this project, it gave me a bit of freedom on creating my own art, despite the objective that I have to complete. And after two designs, I would say that trial and error is alright when doing something, as well as trying different things that best suits the creator.  Oh, and the design underneath this paragraph is the one I submitted. Feel free to comment on it, if you like.

One thought on “The ZINE Project”

  1. To all my fellow classmates,
    You guys are extremely talented. And I say that as someone who has taken this class to better myself in that ways of telling a story through digital means. Coming into this class I had little to no experience with the online world and this project really gave me perspective on how to create art online. All in all, there were some really creative pictures out there and I just wanted to say I admired how you all used technology in such a positive way.

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