Zine Project

For this Project I decided to use these 3 pictures because it connects how technology and the human mind work together. First I went to Pixabay.com to choose the pictures then I downloaded them from there. Then I used Photoshop  to  put  them  together.  This is the First picture I choose.  

This is the  Second Picture. I choose this picture to show that the person is walking in the path they want to go in their life.

This is the third picture. This one shows how the lightbulb connects with ideas one may have.

After playing with Photoshops this was what I came up with when I put all the pictures together.

Then I manipulated it more to change the colors of the pictures by using Hue Saturation and using the mouse eraser  tool to erase some background that I did not need.

This was the Final Outcome.  This  Project  was  a  big  challenge for  me  but  I  was  Happy  that  I  overcame  it  and  finished  it  successfully. I came up with this quote because without the human mind being creative then technology wouldn’t be able to do many things.





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