First attempt for the Zine project

Hello everyone, I would definitely have to admit coming up with an idea for the creative collab project was not the easiest. When the teacher first explained that we will be doing a creative collab project that would be connected with other school projects I was definitely a bit scared because I knew everyone was going to bring their best to the table, but after realizing that I was literally the only person standing in my own way I decided to take on the task.

After scrolling past a bunch of images I came across two that I really liked and after realizing that the second image would go more with the idea I was trying to portray. I decided to go with this image because to me it spoke volume and you were able to tell from the looks of it there was some majestic meaning behind it.

One in which you will all find out in the next upcoming blog post stay tuned to see the final results of the image.

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