Zine Project

For this Project, I picked 4 images to create the composition.

For the elaboration process, use adobe photoshop. I started thinking about how to mix these images and create something related to imagination and creativity. After having an idea of ​​what I was going to do, I began to recover the images and place them as they were going to go.

After this I started playing with levels of color and opacity.

I used a filter which helps me better with mixing colors and highlights the virtuality theme. After this I got my final composition.

After having this I thought something might be missing so I added text and more detail to the background.

Final Zing No.1

I began to think that maybe I could make a different variation of this, which might look better attractive to the viewer. so I called it double ganger and started playing with colors.

Final Zing No.2

After all. I thought about creating a new composition to have more images on which to think which is the best and choose as the best representation of this project. This is the third composition.

Final Zing No.3

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  1. Hey! Very informative blog post on the process you went through. I liked how you showed the 4 images you picked out at the start. I also really liked the Steve Jobs quote you added.

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