Closed doors

This is what I have so far for the project professor Ryan asked us to participate in.  I always seem to gravitate towards love some way some how so this piece was really a broken home and how things don’t always go according to plan.

I was supposed to relate it to technology but that part is more so and how I created it, using photoshop, pixel and some text. I might revise it and add technology in there somewhere but for now this is all I have and the process was a bit frustrating. Things seem easier to use before you actually use them but I am satisfied with the result after asking professor the same questions about three different times and quiting then going back to it right after I handed in my letter of resignation 😭😭😭.


By arose

Lover of memes and laughter, I laugh entirely too much and it often gets me into trouble. Future Oscar winner, changing the lives of chunky brown girls everywhere. Amanda 4 Prez. (haha not really though, nooo thank you)

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