Gif Portrait

This is second gif I made, I made it a while ago,but never really got to post it.

This one took  ten images to make.

So, if your ever wondering what is the max amount of images will allow  for you to use to make a Gif……..

10 is not the answer.

There’s probably no max.

I made this my messing  around with the  hue and saturation

I wasn’t really looking for a certain look

but as long as it was  different, and I liked it, I used it

I also used some filter like the glass filter

and some other ones that I don’t remember.

I also rotated the Image as you can see.

I just thought it would look cooler if I rotated it.

I bet you didn’t think about rotating it.

After that the rest was up to the interface at

I used the Glitch filter on the image that Giphy has.

and thats how I made this gif portrait

of former president Obama.

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