GIF the Portrait Project- Jack Frost

Original Image of Jack Frost Photoshop-Hue/Saturation


Photoshop Filters

Create GIF using Giphy

During class, the steps of creating GIF is done with Photoshop and Giphy. First, is uploading a portrait image in Photoshop. I choose the fictional character Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians. The cold weather of autumn reminds me of winter is approaching soon, and that is when I recall my childhood crush of Jack Frost (he is a personification of winter). Also, Jack Frost came to mind since Frozen 2 is coming out this month and being that there are many fan fiction of the relationship between Elsa and Jack as both share the same ice power. After I upload the photo in Photoshop, I click the hue/saturation filter and then click colorize and experiment with the hue, saturation, and lightness. I made the image blue to represent winter (snow, ice, cold, etc.) and black and white as neutral colors. Next, I experiment with different Photoshop filters. Lastly, I upload and rearrange the filter images onto Giphy. Then, I reduce the duration to .01 seconds and add the glitch filter. I found this project to be enjoyable, particularly experimenting with the difference gallery filters on Photoshop.


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