GIF the Portrait Project!

Creating this project was really interesting to me. This project is all about photoshopping. Playing around with the photoshop tools reminded me of my high school senior year, when I was taking an art class. I used to have so much fun creating GIFS using different colors and effects to explore a variety form of art.

As I was doing this project I realized I forgot many stuff that I learned previously, however, I got to learn new techniques of photoshop. For example, adjustments included a list of things to alter the image like color filters, hues, blurriness, sharpness, balances, and 3D effects. The reason I chose this image beause at the moment I was really upset and this imagine potraid my emotion. Seeing this image just dragged my attention. I used the glass filter for this image. Overall, it was fun, brought back old memories, and new experiences. I’m glad I could do this project.

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